Aftab Hussain: My Journalism Story


Journalism is not as glamorous as it looks from the outside. The hands that spin the wheels to maintain the smiling, attractive facet of journalism are often callused from hard work. A 24/7 job of constant toil and hard work is required of a journalist. He has to do the difficult job of communicating what is incommunicable, become the voice for the voiceless and show the mirror of the society even when it is stained.

Effective communication is at its heart. It is a constant source of information which often comes in the form of stories which entertain without the intention of entertainment, inform without being a bore and awaken a sense of awakening about the most depraved aspects of our society.

It is a life of constant struggle. And those who enjoy that struggling life are called journalists. It was a life I chose, because I had a particular penchant for journalism from very early on. That’s why, I used to write blogs and articles for local dailies and monthlies in order to quench my thirst for journalism. Throughout my academic life, I found a way to keep this passion alive.

I was born in Skardu, an area where the phenomenon of quality journalism is a recent phenomenon. After my early education from Army Public School, I earned my matriculation certificate from Public School and College Skardu and Intermediate degree from Uswa School and College, Skardu.

During my graduation from Karakoram International University, I started my radio career. I liked the experience, and therefore joined Radio Pakistan Islamabad and FM 93 Islamabad. I am still associated with FM 94, MW 585 and FM 91.6.

I opted mass communication for my higher studies without any hesitation. Now I am a news reporter for Channel 24, with future ambitions of further acing my journalistic skills and becoming a documentary director.

However, the journey of my career was not as smooth as it looked. I had to face many obstacles along the way, some I hopped while others got me bruises, which though slowing my pace could not terminate my run. There were not many encouraging faces among the crowd when I was running for the passion of my life, not even my father’s face had an approving look. Yet, I did not slacken my pace, all the while consuming the energy of love and affection from my mother. What I have achieved so far is enough to satisfy my heart and stimulate my mind to continue in this field.

In the end, my message to anyone aspiring to enter this field is to dare in the face of failure and persevere even when there is no energy for perseverance.


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