Baltistan Youth Risers conducted their second session in Khaplu with great success:

Baltistan Youth Risers visited High School Balah Khaplu on August 7, 2017 for their second educational session. This effort by the student-run organization was highly appreciated by all the teachers of the school, who helped in every way to make the session successful.


About more than 60 students belonging from 6 to 10 standards were gathered for the session. It focused primarily to inform, educate and motivate all the students in the friendliest of languages. Primarily motivational in nature, the session touched on all the basic elements for garnering real education. Also, the paper attempting styles of the students were discussed and corrected by the members, which is considered to be one of the main hurdles by students for scoring better in the board exams.


All the students listened raptly with full attention on the board. Also, they discussed their career interests during the feedback period. Overwhelming they were bent towards pursuing a career in the Pakistan Army.


The session ended on a happy note with teachers thanking and appreciating the whole effort of Baltistan Youth Risers profusely.

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