Waqas Johar: All my achievements pale before the real happiness of helping others:


Every success story comes with the promise of a tumultuous journey, full of drama and sensation to spice up the real events. But I will try to be as honest as I can in the telling of my story without all the unnecessary and exaggerated expressions. I believe that my life has been smooth and plain with no extra-ordinary bumps and thuds that come along with every success in life.  And the little recognition I have had owes its credit not only to my tribulations but also my parents and teachers who labored excessively on me.

My mother used to wake up the whole night with me when I would be preparing for my exams. My father used to teach me mathematical concepts not even taught in my classes yet- the concepts imprinted so deeply that I remember them to this day.

My Real Science Academy teachers perfected my basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology so vigorously that subsequent studies easily fit the pattern without a great labor on my part. That was why during college years I was teaching my roommate biology even when I was not even biology major.

Although I don’t rate my abilities very high, but my teachers and relatives always did, and since I respected and valued their opinions deeply, therefore I would study extra to fulfill their expectations from me. And maybe that was the reason that I remained among the toppers during my early schooling in APS, Skardu even when my basics were so poor, a likely result of the schooling in Sassi, Haramosh my hometown.

But retaining that position even in Cadet College Skardu was a surprising feat I did not expect from myself at all. Yet I did remain among the toppers in Cadet College during my matriculation, topped my whole batch in the HSSC exam, and was awarded the 2011’s Best Cadet of the Year.


But my true astonishment and happiness occurred after my college when I cleared all the tests of LUMS, NUST, UET, FAST and COMSATS to settle for NUST in the end, owing to its better engineering programs. Being a NUSTian, I was introduced to a world of diversity, manifested not only in its variety of degree programs but also in its range of classes, languages and ethnicities from every corner of Pakistan.  I savored those four years as much as I could, and was fare welled with the sweet memory of winning the Best Industrial Project of the Batch by designing a land fill implementable on an industrial scale for Islamabad city.

But in all honesty, I gained the real joy outside the life of my academic achievements where I could give and share what I had for making others happy. With ISR (Islamic Student Revivalist) movement during my college years, I and some like-minded fellows tried to inculcate the habits of discipline, regularity and religiosity among others besides working on inter-faith harmony among the diverse group of students in the college. During the 2009 floods, we managed to raise 16,000 rupees for the flood affected areas along with the collection of clothing and shelter.

After college, we further expanded our social activities to materialize a formal organization with the name of Young Reformers (YRGB) for the guidance of GBian students.  Along with that, an observational paper, I braved, regarding the problems and degradations of Deosai National Park, which was distributed in different forestry and environmental protection departments of GB. While we also conducted plantation drives in Gilgit and Lahore as well.


I want to stay in Gilgit-Baltistan for my future, doing what little I can for enhancing the quality of education in GB, by establishing an educational institution suited to the needs of the people but within the range of my resources. Besides the education which GBians were denied, I strongly want to be an advocate for what they were given in abundance, natural beauty, which is now facing an unsavory fate at the hands of rapid modernization and progress.



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  1. Very inspirational story!! Although you are much more, but this article sums up you very well. You have always been a great inspiration for all of us. You know what, I think the most daring decision you made is to go back and contribute to our own people. It is because “with education comes responsibility” and it’s our responsibility to contribute to our society because they really need it and we are the one who is responsible/ who can effectively do it. It is a fact that everyone at some stage in life/ their carrier realizes that it’s a time to go back and contribute to our people but at that stage it becomes really hard for them to go back. But, your decision at such an early stage shows your maturity and experiences. I know, it’s a tough decision, may God Almighty help you to contribute substantially for the better of society.


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