Shakeel Ahmed Shigari: My Story

  Appreciation for food increases if one goes hungry. Likewise, the craving for education goes up if one is denied the privilege. My father was one such figure who was denied the gift of education, therefore his hunger for education was the greatest. We lived in an impoverished area of Shigar whose population merely hit... Continue Reading →

Siddiqa Musa: My Story

Landing at the US airport, coming in a new country, a different continent altogether from where even my own country Pakistan looked small, far away and distant, amounted to such a powerful new experience to me that is beyond the scope of my words to describe. I had had my fair share of many great experiences,... Continue Reading →

Aabid Hussain: My Story

Every generation sacrifices so the other thrives. But perhaps the trials and tribulations that my parents endured in the way of educating me and my siblings would perhaps be very singular. Devoid of education and opportunities themselves, they understood the value of a good education more than anyone else. The result is that all three... Continue Reading →

Aftab Hussain: My Journalism Story

Journalism is not as glamorous as it looks from the outside. The hands that spin the wheels to maintain the smiling, attractive facet of journalism are often callused from hard work. A 24/7 job of constant toil and hard work is required of a journalist. He has to do the difficult job of communicating what... Continue Reading →

Asif Khoja: My Story

  If Gilgit Baltistan is the heaven on earth, then certainly a piece lurks in Haramosh as well. With mountains, lakes and trees, it has all the attractions of the rural utopia for any city dwelling visitor. The Kutwal Lake nestled by the beautiful Haramosh Peak, Laila Peak and Dobani Peak give an impression of... Continue Reading →

Dilawer Majee: My Life Story

An extended vision comes with an extended view. If only mountains make your sight, then how can plains and grasslands conjure in your mind? How can you know that flowers of every shade and color dwell somewhere as well, waiting to be plucked by a daring hand? I knew this, only when I made a... Continue Reading →

Amen Aamir: My Flying Life

An aircraft looks at you the same way as like a bird when it is about to take its flight. Head bent forwards with wings spread out sideways, you can't help noticing the good imitation of a bird in there. Only more majestic and elegant with its monstrous size moulded into such a figure of... Continue Reading →

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